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    还在因为注册 OpenAI 账户而烦恼吗?直接购买我们提供的密钥和账号,即可使用 OpenAI API!如果你的免费额度过期了,也可以考虑购买,价格比直接继续使用更便宜!

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    OpenAI API Key

    购买后,你会获得一个 OpenAI 的 API Key 和对应的账号,可以使用 ChatGPT 和用于各种基于 API Key 的服务,也可以用该 API Key 自己调用 OpenAI 的 API。

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    购买前确保你对 OpenAI API Key 的使用方式有充分了解,不要使用大陆或香港的 IP 地址调用 API,不要频繁调用 API,不要在同一 IP 下使用多个 API Key,也不要将同一个 API Key 在多个 IP 下使用,否则可能会导致账号被封禁。

    有 Key 的账号可以使用 ChatGPT,也可以用于各种基于 API Key 的服务,也可以用该 API Key 自己调用 OpenAI 的 API。没有 Key 的账号只能使用 ChatGPT。

    5 美元的账号有效使用时长为 1-3 个月不等,具体时长取决于 OpenAI 检查信用卡的时间,请知悉。5 美元账号不支持 GPT-4。

    购买后一天内如有账号问题,可联系客服更换。超过一天出现问题不予退还,因为大概率是 OpenAI 的账号封控,超出了我们的控制范围。


    Recommended Services

    We have selected some OpenAI API-based services that may be helpful to you.


    OpenCat is a native client for OpenAI and ChatGPT, providing a smoother and faster chat experience than the web interface. It supports MacOS and iOS.


    ChatPDF can be used to quickly extract information from large PDF files, such as manuals, papers, legal contracts, etc.

    multilingual json files translation

    Most of the multilingual files for front-end projects are in JSON format. i18n-cli can automatically complete translations by calling OpenAI's API.


    ChatBot is a dedicated chat application supported by OpenAI's GPT-3.5, with all the same features as Web ChatGPT. It supports macOS.

    Siri Pro

    Connect the iPhone's Siri voice assistant to OpenAI's Chat API to get smarter answers. Supports both text and voice input, fast response, multiple Q&A, preset training, and say goodbye to AI chatbots!

    Bilingual Book Maker

    Bilingual Book Maker is a tool based on the OpenAI API that can translate English e-books in EPUB format into Chinese e-books with excellent results, almost as good as human translation.

    ChatGPT Siri

    Launch 'Shortcuts' through Siri to connect to the ChatGPT API and turn Siri into an AI assistant. You can ask Siri directly and get answers. Now our Siri is finally smart enough to chat fluently with us! And all this can be done with just one shortcut and an API key.

    ChatGPT Raycast plugin

    Interact directly with OpenAI's ChatGPT from your command bar. This Raycast plugin allows you to use the ChatGPT API in Raycast, and the user experience is great.

    OpenAI browser translation extension

    A Chrome browser extension that makes it easy for non-macOS users to use ChatGPT for translation. Supports real-time translation and polishing, and supports 55 languages.

    Translation plugin ofBob

    Translation + polishing + grammar modification plugin, excellent effect!

    PopClip ChatGPT plugin

    Translation + polishing + grammar modification plugin, excellent effect!


    One-click summary of audio and video content on Bilibili, YouTube, podcasts, meetings, etc.

    OpenAI Translator

    PWA application, a translation tool that can be used on mobile phones.


    Combine Xiaomi's Xiaoai Assistant with ChatGPT to create a Xiaoai Assistant chatbot.

    ChatGPT wechat

    A WeChat chatbot based on ChatGPT that generates dialogue content through the ChatGPT interface and uses itchat to receive and automatically reply to WeChat messages. Supports text conversations, custom rules, multiple accounts, image generation, and context memory.

    ChatGPT for Wechat

    A Chrome browser extension that uses ChatGPT to automatically respond to messages in WeChat private messages or group chats when you are mentioned.

    ChatGPT Telegram Bot

    A ChatGPT bot that supports Telegram and can be used through Telegram chat.

    ChatGPT Feishu

    A ChatGPT bot prepared for Feishu users.


    Monica is a Chrome extension supported by the ChatGPT API, designed to be your personal AI assistant for easy chatting and writing. It launched with the second-best score on ProductHunt and was created by a Chinese team. The product is also very simple and easy to use.

    Roam Around

    A product to help you plan your trip, based on ChatGPT, and can display more content. It can also be experienced in TestFlight version on iPhone.


    A navigation website that organizes applications related to ChatGPT, generative AI, and GPT-3.


    This advanced ChatGPT class Chrome extension developed by Writesonic aims to save you time and energy by making your use of Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the web more efficient. It can be used to simplify email workflows, generate high-quality emails directly from Gmail, summarize long emails, etc.

    Chatgpt Sidebar

    Chrome extension Sidebar, select any text, use ChatGPT sidebar for explanation, translation, summarization, or paraphrasing.


    Zeeno is an AI assistant living in the mobile keyboard. You can rephrase tweets, provide cooking plans for the next family dinner, generate replies to long emails, etc. without leaving the chat window on your phone.


    A product that uses AI to generate rooms. Based on the ControlNet ML model to generate interior design of rooms, it can be deployed locally.


    Code review bot supported by ChatGPT. When you create a new Pull request, the bot will automatically conduct code review. Also, this project cz-git can let AI generate your git commit messages.

    TailwindCSS ChatGPT

    Generate custom Tailwind CSS templates and components with ChatGPT to quickly create websites.


    Writing assistant tool based on ChatGPT, which can be used to generate articles, translations, creative ideas, etc.

    ChatGPT Business Crash

    A collection of methods and techniques for using ChatGPT to improve efficiency in business operations, mainly teaching how to monetize ChatGPT.

    Sound of wind and rain translator

    A Chinese-English book translation service based on gpt-3.5, with high-quality translations, full-text Chinese-English parallel comparison, enterprise-level stable translation, and full-text original book resources on the entire network.

    OpenAI Translator

    A browser plugin that uses ChatGPT API for word-by-word translation and text refinement. With the powerful translation ability of ChatGPT, it will help you read and edit foreign languages more fluently.


    An open-source browser extension that displays summaries from ChatGPT next to Google search results and YouTube videos, and also supports summaries for Yahoo!ニュース、PubMed、PMC、NewsPicks、Github、Nikkei、Bing and Google Patents.


    An application that provides preset prompts for different scenarios, including hundreds of scenarios with corresponding functions that can be used immediately.


    A client that utilizes the GPT API with better design and more features.

    Chat Thing

    Turn any Notion workspace into an AI chatbot. Supports creating an AI chatbot powered by GPT using your existing Notion content.